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Leadogo is harnessing the vitality and knowledge of those that have left the workforce. Whether you are a recent retiree seeking engagement or an organization searching for the answers, our dynamic marketplace is your home for learning, impact, and innovative solutions.

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Why Leadogo ?

Leadogo is more than your traditional knowledge marketplace.

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For the Retiree our pathway is designed to help remedy the underutilization of your intellectual capital, fill voids in human connection, and provide you with a collective empowering community. We pair the best parts of work with the best parts of retirement!


For organizations, our marketplace allows you to design challenges or projects around problems that you are facing. Our strategically assembled super teams of Retirees will apply to use their vast expertise to provide the expedient solutions that you need.

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Tell us a little about the corporate or social impact challenge that you are experiencing at your organization and we will connect with you to open the doors to our marketplace of teams and ideas.

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You are not retired from life!
Rewrite your retirement with us!

Use your skills and expertise to help organizations get the results they want faster, but do it in a more enjoyable way on your terms.

Leadogo Challenges

Our teams of Retirees from across the globe have come together to solve many of the problems that impact our businesses and society.

Leadogo Makes Problem-Solving Easier

Get the knowledge and wisdom your organization needs to thrive or leave a legacy on the world. Our marketplace brings together the best of global Retiree talent in teams to catalyze positive change and performance.

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About Us

Leadogo Leadership Team

Matt Hawksley CEO

A jack of all trades and catalyst of positive change, energized by the power of Human Connection; a leader, motivator, sports junkie, and relentless learner.

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Scott Mckenzie CXO

A lover of the wild and a nomad by heart, educated by nature, script, thought, trial and mentorship; a practitioner, philosopher, tinkerer, creator and doer.

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Paluck Kohli CMO

A people’s person, marketing geek, serial entrepreneur, product & process innovator. Social mission: empowering people! Creator, curator, agile swimmer, human connector!

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Qazi Jamil CTO

Innovation driven, converts ideas into working platforms. Belives in human connections and brain power is the greatest asset for mankind.

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A Marketplace for Impact. A Platform for Doing Good.

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Leadogo Teams in Action

Get inspired by our teams that are making a difference, from across the world embodying collaboration, innovation and camaraderie.

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Sneak peek into what Leadogo members have to say!

“I was able to shift my lens to recognize that problems are actually opportunities in disguise.”

“I want to continue to make a difference by helping others. We can’t change the world, but we can make a small difference in some people’s lives.”

“Go to the people; learn from them. Start with what they know, then build on what they have.”