Who We Are

Leadogo is a marketplace for impact. A platform for doing good.

When people leave the workforce, they can lose a bit of their MOJO: they experience a loss of social connections, underutilized intellectual capital and feel a deep longing for purpose.

As social enterprises and organizations seek to make an impact, they require expertise in a cost-effective and expedient manner.

Leadogo is a multi sided platform that brings both of these together. We construct high-performing and socially engaged teams of retirees based on cognitive & emotional profiling, skills & aptitudes, desired level of engagement & goals, and lifestyle & perspectives.

Our teams deliver social and corporate innovation solutions to the enterprises that need it the most!

Through the power of human connection and engagement, Leadogo is creating the movement to shape a better tomorrow.

Leadogo Teams in Action

Get inspired by our teams that are making a difference, from across the world embodying collaboration, innovation and camaraderie.

Our Leadership Team

Matt Hawksley CEO

A jack of all trades and catalyst of positive change, energized by the power of Human Connection; a leader, motivator, sports junkie, and relentless learner.

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Scott Mckenzie CXO

A lover of the wild and a nomad by heart, educated by nature, script, thought, trial and mentorship; a practitioner, philosopher, tinkerer, creator and doer.

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Paluck Kohli CMO

A people’s person, marketing geek, serial entrepreneur, product & process innovator. Social mission: empowering people! Creator, curator, agile swimmer, human connector!

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Qazi Jamil CTO

Innovation driven, converts ideas into working platforms. Belives in human connections and brain power is the greatest asset for mankind.

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Your complete platform for Impact.

We are the place to find stimulating legacy building activities, as both an individual or an organization. Be a part of positive change on your terms.

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Leadogo Ignite Blogs

Get inspired and learn from the people all around us that are making a difference in the world through their resilience, independence, transformation, and perspective.

Life: The Ultimate Adventure

There is more to us than we know. If we could be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less.” – Kurt Hahn
Kurt Hahn was an educator. He was responsible for training the British sailors during WWII.

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Lessons from the Mamba

For the majority of his life, if you asked Kobe Bryant what he did he would have provided a very simple answer. “I play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers and I am really really good at it”.

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Ain’t Nothing Like Authenticity

The local PBS affiliate ran their quarterly pledge drive, but instead of Irish clog dancers, it was the Floyd, man! They had Pink Floyd! The stage was a wondrous menagerie of geometric symbols, dramatic lighting and crackling lasers….

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