Unlocking the next level of expertise for your organization
Tap into the knowledge and wisdom your organization needs to thrive and leave a legacy on the world. Our marketplace consists of global talent over the age of 50 and brings them together in teams that catalyze positive change and performance. Get Started

What’s in it for your organization?

  • Pod of Advisors

    We curate and customize teams of retired experts and build a brain trust for you and your company.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Get the perspective, analysis and support you seek from experts who have lived the hustle for over 40 years.

  • Power of Human Connection

    Experience networking in a whole new way: within your industry and beyond.

  • Improved operational performance

    Get actionable insights to accelerate growth in things that matter the most in your business.

  • Multi-level Impact

    Whilst on this journey of synergy, it’s not just the experts that may touch your lives, you may touch theirs too.

Why go with Leadogo?

  • You get a team of advisors and not just an individual mentor
  • You get a team of subject matter experts and not just any advisor
  • You help to engage the experts and they help your business
  • This is how we create mutual social impact
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Make an Impact with Leadogo

Sneak peek into what Leadogo members have to say!

“I was able to shift my lens to recognize that problems are actually opportunities in disguise.”

“I want to continue to make a difference by helping others. We can’t change the world, but we can make a small difference in some people’s lives.”

“Go to the people; learn from them. Start with what they know, then build on what they have.”

Let’s together aspire to be the Leaders in Doing Good

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